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Her Jentle Hi-ness (demo)

A fast-paced visual novel where you must survive the whims of a mad queen. · By SkyBearGames - Claire Ahuriri-Dunning


Recent updates

Can I ask you a favour?
I wonder if I could ask you for a favour? I'm trying to write a business plan so people can take me more seriously in the business sphere. When I got up to the...
Three days to go on the Her Jentle Hi-ness KickStarter!
Less than three days to go now! Fully funded, and the top tier is sold out, but you can still get your face in the game! Pledge now to receive Her Jentle Hi-nes...
Only two weeks left to join the Her Jentle Hi-ness Kickstarter campaign!
There are only two more weeks left to join the Her Jentle Hi-ness Kickstarter campaign! Pledge now to receive the dark comedy game earlier and cheaper than the...
Her Jentle Hi-ness launches today on Kickstarter!
Launching TODAY on Kickstarter! Her Jentle Hi-ness is the next game from the award-winning studio Sky Bear Games. Can you survive the tyranny of Queen Miriam? J...
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Her Jentle Hi-ness launches on KickStarter in one week!
Playable demo here!: In Her Jentle Hi-ness, you have to serve a jealous queen who has banned the letter G after...
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Play the test demo and let me know what you think
After taking a long time deliberating over this game and focussing on other projects, I have come back to it with a new attitude. I've uploaded the latest demo...
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