You can see spoilers here if you want to see all the endings available on this demo build:

Update 1st May 2021

Sorry it's been so long! I've been really busy with maintenance and supporting the translations and porting of my two previous major releases. I will be launching a kickstarter for the full game of this soon, I expect to release it around September/October 2021. I'm going to add tons more storylines in than what you can see in the prototype, so I hope you will back me when it's on Kickstarter!

Update 1st December 2020

You know what? Have a free prototype! All the up to date art and fixes. But no new content just yet. I would love to hear some feedback in the comments below, specfically on if you find the timing element fun/stressful/engaging. Release approx September 2021.

Update!! October 25 2020

I will be completing this game with full art and music and additional storylines in early 2021. The demo will come down around then.

Watch this space!


Original game jam blurb from April 2020 below:

Her Jentle Hi-ness is a game I've been thinking about for a while. Basically you have to serve a jealous queen who has banned the letter G after being cheated on and abandoned by her consort King George. You have to try and survive the mad whims of the queen. There are a number of different endings to achieve, and it is a relatively short game. Sorry that I didn't have the time or skill to illustrate the endings or storybeats, and that my concept art is pretty meh.

So maybe I shouldn't have done Nanoreno while also running a Kickstarter for my next major release... hahaha... I'm actually super grateful for the deadline extension for Nanoreno this year because I was nowhere near finished at the end of March. Working part time, prepping a major release and raising my baby takes a lot of time, so I actually only could spend about 30 hours or so this last 6 weeks to work on this.

I'm going back to focussing on my major release now since it is coming out approx June. But when that is over, depending on my financial circumstances, I'm going to work with an artist friend of mine to get the art and UI done for this, and get my brother to help me spruce up the theme song a bit, and then I'll release it as a proper release (and probably make this version innaccesible? I dunno). The art style is going to be way sillier to go with the actual feel of the game, sort of along the lines of Adventure Time I think.

I don't regret doing Nanoreno though. I did it in 2015 too, and it resulted in Prince of Cats, all be it 4 years later. I think this one will only take one year maximum to get up to the standard I expect of myself. So yeah, thanks for reading these sorry excuses, please enjoy the demo!

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GenreVisual Novel
TagsLife Simulation

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I really like the concept of the game! I believe it can really take off! My only big problem is that I think the concept art could be better; along with higher quality. (I didn’t expect much from a WIP.) I love the Adventure Time style that is going on in the game, I think the art is cute, although I think higher quality can really help the gameplay. I also agree with gamerchrist, that it should have a difficulty setting, or different paths. Overall, it’s a good game with great potential! I love visual novels and would love to play this again and again when the full thing comes out!

Hi Alyssa, thanks for making the time to play and give feedback! Do you want to be listed in the credits with the . in your name, or without?

Also, could you please comment more on what you think could be improved in the art? I'm not an artist, and I'd like to pass along specific  feedback to Sean for improvements :)

Cheers, Claire

Pretty fun, but maybe add some sort of difficulty settings or curve for the choices, I barley manage to read 2 in the 5 seconds we are given. otherwise this is a good concept that I could see working well

Thanks so much gamerchrist. I was thinking about putting in different difficulties, and probably trophies for getting the "best" ending at easy, medium and hard difficulty. The first time through it would be really good to be able to read the options more carefully, but once you're more familiar with the game you might want more of a challenge.

By the way, would you like to be listed in the credits as gamerchrist, or something else?

Im fine with gamerchrist