Note with the demo: because of the rich images used in the game, the web browser version can sometimes load images in pixelated form. This does not happen in the regular version of the game.

Full game releasing March 2022:

In Her Jentle Hi-ness, you have to serve a jealous queen who has banned the letter G after being cheated on and abandoned by her consort King George. Playing as the lady-in-waiting Eorina (formerly Georgina), you have to try and survive the mad whims of the queen. Are you fast enough to keep up with her linguistic gymnastics? 

How will your story end? Will you just make it out? Will you use the opportunity to rise through the ranks? Or will you die an ignoble death at the end of the executioner's axe?

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorSkyBearGames - Claire Ahuriri-Dunning
GenreVisual Novel
TagsLife Simulation

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