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After taking a long time deliberating  over this game and focussing on other projects, I have come back to it with a new attitude. I've uploaded the latest demo version with all the new art by Sean Miller, but I haven't yet written all the extra material (extra plotlines and romances!). So what you see now is very much just a demo of what the game will look like in February 2021 (tentative release month). It will also have waaaay better music by then, so please don't judge my little glockenspiel ditty too harshly!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the game, especially the timing elements. Are they too hard? Too easy? Is it fun? Is it stressful? What's the overall mood of the game to you?

I won't be kickstarting this project, but instead I have turned donations on in case you would like to contribute to the completion of this project. If you donate (and tell me), you can have the full game for free on Itch at release, and/or if you share your opinion on the game mechanics, you can be in the credits .

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Dec 01, 2020

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