Full voice acting and quality of life improvements coming!

Wow, time really does fly! I hope fans of Nim are not feeling left out while Wonderland Nights has gotten all the love with the Chinese release last month.

But don't despair, I am working on the re-release as we speak. And actually, the upcoming Chinese release too!

Some things to expect in the re-release:

  •  I intend to make the tutorial a lot smoother and a bit quicker, making it a bit more integrated with the story.
  • Improved functionality and usability of the menus
  • Extra events that reward you for working on certain stats
  • Making the  hidden stats of Public Opinion and Connection to Faerie a little less obscured
  • A few other small things like the art of the moon actually changing with the phases of the moon over the month
  • And of course, full voice acting for all the characters!

I want to throw in a quick thanks to the Bundle Buddies podcast, who reviewed not only this game but are still on their epic quest to review every game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality! If you have that bundle, or even if you don't and are interested in hearing their very funny reviews, I recommend the podcast very strongly. Their feedback has proved invaluable for me in this current interation of the game.

Talk to you again soon when it's closer to being ready!

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