Episode eleven of a continuing story about a street rat in the city of Fiumenze.  Ratto follows a hunch to find Piccino after he mysteriously vanishes, and this leads him to the intimidating hoard chamber of Zaffiro il Magnifico, the Blue Dragon ruler of Fiumenze.

A note about the jam theme this time: I'm sorry Bitsy jammers, I tried my hardest to make this in Bitsy Classic. I was even ready to give up invisible item dialogs and smooth game endings. But there was just one thing I could NOT compromise on. After spending one and a half hours making the tiles of Zaffiro, I then started to make Piccino, and THEY STARTED TO OVERWRITE ZAFFIRO. You only have a given number of tiles in Bitsy Classic before you run out :( So that was the last straw for me, I had to go back to modern Bitsy. I've thrown in a few luxuries from modern Bitsy (ending, inivisible items, and animations) but I have kept the simple one room set up that I planned to use when I was going to stick to Bitsy Classic.

There is another thing I have done as an homage to the entire history of the Bitsy Jams. Can you spot it? The answer: I have referenced every Bitsy jam title in the lines of dialogue, in order. Enjoy!

Check out the campaign world here: https://www.skybeargames.com/dragons-of-tirenia

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Thank you to Adam Le Doux for making Bitsy,  ayolland for Borksy and Sean S LeBlanc for the hacks, and all the lovely people who write tutorials and other hacks on here and Discord.

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