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I feel sorry for George and Evelyn :(

There's something about the ending that felt a bit abrupt and unsatisfactory, but I enjoyed the story overall. The slow buildup was good. Nicely done!

Yeah, if I went back I would probably stretch things out a little bit. Which ending did you get, out of interest?

I didn't realize there were multiple endings :o I was sedated and told that Evelyn had passed away shortly after, but that I had been by her side when she died. There was a kind of emotional detachment that didn't feel like the end of a long relationship (or maybe the ending was just a bit short). I did like the story overall though, and thought it was well-written.


Thanks so much for playing! And for commenting as well, it helps me improve. Perhaps I need to show that ending a bit more love in the future.


Np! Thanks for the experience. ^^

you did a great job with conveying emotion! i especially liked how you used the gameplay restriction of sometimes not actually being able to visit evelyn


Such a beautiful experience... lot of feelings here


Thank you for taking the time to play and go on this hard journey

Nice story!!

Thanks for playing :)