More Dragons of Tirenia on the way!

Hi folks, we just wanted to say thanks for all the interest you have shown in our little game module this week. We're a husband and wife team, both working and parenting full time, so we don't have a lot of time to dedicate to this project, but it's something we have been working on for over six years in one way or another. As such, we have a lot of adventures and even campaigns we have run in this world that have been run for our friends but never written down for public consumption. We intend to change this.

We were ambitious and hoping to release a typical hardback book in the style of most other 5E publications, but honestly that sort of project is for people who are more time (and money) rich. For the moment we are going to focus on serving the needs of the people interested in our setting by releasing smaller adventure modules, and eventually campaign modules too. In time, we will Kickstart a deluxe/collected version of these, but for now, we might as well supply you with the thing you really want, which is playable content!

The next thing you will see in the Dragons of Tirenia line is the Guide to the City of Fiumenze, with the adventure 'Death of an Artist' included. Following that, we intend to do a player focussed guide where we give deeper info on class and heritage options, and we will include a solo pick-a-path adventure in that. We intend to follow up with more combined city+adventure guides, and eventually campaigns. Here is some of the stuff we have planned, from adventures we have run before and others we are currently working on (all of the following are working titles only!):

One-off or two/three session adventures: 

  • The House of Della Squalla (set between Fiumentine/Selenizian lands), an absolute fiasco which is sort of like Weekend at Bernie's set in the Renaissance
  • Head Heist and Soul Heist (two more Fiumentine adventures - we'll probably do a collection of Fiumenze themed adventures since this city is such a happening place!)


  • The Siege of Medilano (the war of Bronze vs Silver dragons - this was our convention campaign, you can hear more about it here: )
  • Carnevale (one former noble family vs. Red dragons, set in fantasy Venice)
  • Ruins of Auromia (the seat of the former empire of the Gold Dragons, but who is haunting there now?)
  • Apprentices of Tirenia, a sprawling campaign that follows blacksmith apprentices to different cities as they learn from different masters (check out the original version of the campaign here: and don't worry, many of the details will be changing!)
  • Company of the Wolf, a mercenary campaign set over a few different dragons' lands e.g. White, Red, Silver

Please consider following us on any one of our social media or blog accounts to get the updates when they happen. The link to those, and also our mailing list, are all on

We look forward to supplying you with many more happy roleplay sessions!

What would you like to see from us next? We would love to know which modules you'd be most interested in.

Cheers, Claire and James


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Nov 16, 2020

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